About the Show

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Please consider donating to Peace for Paws when you visit our show. They are a non-profit pet rescue group that assist with the homeless pet population in Ohio. Click here to donate online!

History of Lucy Depp Park

From the first African-American owned farm in Delaware County to a stop on the Underground Railroad to later a community for African-Americans, LDP has quite the history!

2019 Show Fun facts:

-6 houses

-Covers over 7 ½  acres

-1/2 mile show loop  

-60,000+ lights

-15x 16-channel controllers (240 independent channels of conventional Christmas lights)

-Pixel displays with a combined 15,000+ pixels (each bulb/dot can be individually controlled and color changed)

-48,300 total channels of control

-5 wireless nodes delivering network signal across the entire display

-5500’ + of Cat5 cable connecting the majority of the controllers

-Over 6 miles of extension cords

-The whole show is run from one Raspberry Pi (a computer the size of a deck of cards)

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Tune to 87.9 FM to “hear” our lights!